Vinegar (apple cider vinegar) is good natural seasonings

Vinegar (the Apple Cider Vinegar) is good natural seasonings, which we know it that for many decades and it has ability to a form of detoxification. It can be produced from natural and synthetic chemistry. It has Acetic acid as an important component. It's sour and can be used to preserve foods by non-toxic to the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar is caused by the fermentation apple.

In the past, the production of vinegar (the Apple Cider Vinegar) is caused by the fermentation of grains, fruits, sugar and yeast, the fermentation will changes the sugar contained in these foods to ethyl alcohol by using a natural yeast, then marinated with Acetobacter species to make it smell and taste and then using natural bacteria to change the ethyl alcohol to acetic acid.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural light yellow and has sweet taste.

Now, the apple cider vinegar is this seasoning that has been popular. It is a natural light yellow and has sweet taste of sugar residues including has smell of raw materials used in fermentation. The difference in odor, flavor and intensity depending on the type of the ingredients used in fermentation, this is the unique charm of it. It hasn't sediment, except sediment that is a natural occurrence and it is not less than 4% of acetic acid. Which fermentation process makes it a flavor similar to wine, but without ethyl alcohol. But in distilled vinegar, it is colorless, has a unique flavor and cannot be drinkable.

Apple Cider Vinegar originates from Europe.

Vinegar is well known it is the seasoning that fermentation of rice, which it originates from Japan, used as an ingredient in sushi, the vinegar from fruits such as apples (Apple cider vinegar), which it originates from Europe. It also made from coconut, palm, sugar cane, grapes, wine or malt dry.